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Share trading in Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited

We, Treasure Securities Ltd., provide trade execution services to our valued clients on the Dhaka Stock Exchange. The endeavor is to provide error-free trade execution for our clients. Highly experienced traders handle the trade executions using the trade workstation platform(TWS).

Full Depository Service

Treasure Securities Ltd.(TSL) is a participant of Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL). Our depository services offer you a secure, convenient, paperless and cost effective way to keep track of your investments in shares and other instruments over a period of time, without the hassle of handling physical documents. We provide an integrated single platform for our clients ensuring a quick, risk free and efficient process.

Our offerings

  • Account opening
  • De-materialization of physical shares into electronic form.
  • Re-materialization to convert the dematerialized shares into physical form.
  • SMS Alert Facility for credits and debits in demat account.
  • Change/Transfer of Ownership
  • Pledge & unpledge of shares.
  • Instant disbursement of non-cash benefits such as bonus, right-issues, etc.

The TSL Advantage

  • Risk-free, prompt and efficient service.
  • Competitive transaction charges.
  • Hassle free automated pay-in facility to clients.
  • Faster transfer and registration of securities leading to increased liquidity of securities.
  • Attentive services by trained help desk.

IPO Application

When a privately held business collects money from the public and in turn gives them shares in their company. The shares are then traded for the first time in the stock market. The process is called Initial Public Offering. Treasure Securities Limited enables its clients to apply for IPO in a convenient and hassle-free way.

Online Share Trading

Online share trading involves buying and selling of stocks through online platform. Buying and Selling of shares is now just a click away. There is nothing more exciting than making the right trade at the right time, as we understand that a few second delays may loose your opportunity to Buy/Sell Stock at your desired price in this volatile market.
The main benefit of an online trading account is the ease with which you can trade without authorize representative. Besides, the speed of transactions increases as everything can be done instantaneously. In a traditional set-up, one had to contact his stockbroker, who would then negotiate the price with the trader and place the order. This would often result in transaction delays. Online trading eliminates such issues. You can also monitor your stock as and when you wish, read exchange’s news and trade even when you are on the go.